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The Three Systems Beneath Network Effects

An exclusive excerpt from a16z general partner Andrew Chen’s new book, The Cold Start Problem

24 Dec 6, 2021 by Nathan Baschez and Andrew Chen


The Athlete as Creator

How new regulations have brought college athletes into the creator economy, big time

15 πŸ”’ Dec 15, 2021 by Matt Ragland


Is Axie Infinity a Ponzi Scheme?

To Axie Infinity And Beyond!

40 πŸ”’ Dec 17, 2021 by Nathan Baschez and Ryan Broderick


Eric Newcomer on 2022 Startup Trends

Eric Newcomer is one of the smartest and most plugged in newsletter writers in tech. This week he'll be joining Nathan, Dan, and Evan in the

1 πŸ”’ Jan 16, 2022