Eric Newcomer on 2022 Startup Trends

Eric Newcomer is one of the smartest and most plugged in newsletter writers in tech. This week he'll be joining Nathan, Dan, and Evan in the Every Discord to discuss the most important trends he's seeing in 2022.

Topics we'll cover include:

- Y Combinator's new deal terms, and how its position is changing in the tech landscape

- OpenSea's $13 billion valuation and crypto's impact on venture

- His newsletter business and what he's learned going solo

Who is Eric Newcomer?

He writes the newsletter Newcomer where he covers the intersection of technology and venture capital.

Before that he wrote about the technology industry for Bloomberg for six years. He covered the ins-and-outs of the startup world for much of that time, breaking news on IPOs, fundraising rounds, and M&A.

He published the video of Travis Kalanick arguing with his Uber driver and co-wrote the Businessweek cover story on Kalanick’s fall. Before that, he was the first employee at tech news site The Information.

He grew up in Macon, Ga. and graduated from Harvard in 2012. Today, he lives in Brooklyn.

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