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Every is a daily newsletter founded in 2020. Every day, we publish a long-form essay to make you smarter about technology, productivity, and AI.

We believe that in order to build anything interesting, you have to be insatiably curious. Of course, you need to expose yourself to ideas in your industry. But you should also wander into topics that are related to business but that other people may think are weird or irrelevant: science, finance, psychology, neuroscience, statistics, literature, and philosophy.

That's what we do at Every. Our stories synthesize and build connections among business, technology, and the humanities. We make writing to help you create an incredible company—and to live an abundant, ambitious life.

If we succeed, we hope it will help to build a better world—because the stories we tell today become the businesses we build tomorrow.

Core Team

Dan Shipper
Co-founder / CEO
Kate Lee
Evan Armstrong
Lead Writer
Lucas Crespo
Creative Lead
Avishek Banerjee
Engineering Lead
Rhea Purohit
Contributing Writer
Meghna Rao
Contributing Editor
Brandon Gell
Entrepreneur in Residence
Nathan Baschez
Taylor Lingerfelt

Our Investors

Eric Stromberg
Li Jin
Lenny Rachitsky
Matt Lieber
Sam Lessin
Web Smith
Henrik Werdelin
Freia Lobo
Shishir Mehrotra
Nir Eyal
David Perell
Adam Wiggins
Bo Ren
Lauren Reeder
Lucy Guo
Dave Fontenot
Alex Tryon
Scott Carleton
Steve Schlafman
Nicholas Thorne
Spencer Lazar
Jared Erondu
Tyler Tringas
Sib Mahatpara
Nashilu Mouen
Nikita Miller
Natty Zola
Willem Van Lancker
Quinten Farmer
Libby Brittain
Conrad Barrett
Krishna Kallianan
Dan Putt
Julian Weisser
Alex Godin
Hursh Agrawal
Daniel Terry


Many thanks to the fine folks at order for creating our visual brand identity. We rely on Signifier, a beautiful new typeface by Klim Type Foundry. Their essay on the creation of the font exemplifies the kind of writing we aspire to produce.

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