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Introducing Spiral

A powerful prompt builder that automates 80 percent of repetitive writing, thinking, and decision-making tasks

3 Jun 18, 2024 by Dan Shipper

Expanding Awareness

Be Sincere—Not Serious

Why white-knuckling your way through life doesn’t work

Jun 17, 2024 by Michael Ashcroft

Context Window

Apple Took the Stage for WWDC (We Will Distribute ChatGPT)

A slew of new releases has changed technology’s future

Jun 16, 2024

Chain of Thought

Inside the Pod: From Idea to Startup in Minutes With AI

Meet Audos, the ChatGPT-powered incubator for founders

🔒 Jun 14, 2024 by Rhea Purohit

Napkin Math

The AGI-in-2027 Thesis

Some researchers are convinced that we are on the cusp of superintelligence. Are they right?

2 Jun 13, 2024 by Evan Armstrong

Chain of Thought

🎧 What Do LLMs Tell Us About the Nature of Language—And Ourselves?

An interview with best-selling sci-fi novelist Robin Sloan

Jun 12, 2024 by Dan Shipper

Chain of Thought

Apple Embraces the Enemy

What its unlikely AI alliance with OpenAI and Microsoft means

🔒 Jun 12, 2024 by Dan Shipper

Chain of Thought

Transcript: What Do LLMs Tell Us About the Nature of Language—And Ourselves?

‘AI & I’ with Robin Sloan

🔒 Jun 12, 2024 by Dan Shipper

Napkin Math

Apple’s AI Evolution: Built-in AI, Supercharged Siri, and Ecosystem Lock-in

Maybe the new world is the same as the old

Jun 11, 2024 by Evan Armstrong

How AI Image Models Work

An entirely non-technical explanation of image generators

Jun 10, 2024 by Nir Zicherman

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