How smart people organize what they know.


The Fourfold Book Index

How I Take Book Notes

36 πŸ”’ May 22, 2020


Validating a Side Hustle

How Justin Mares validated the idea that became a successful D2C company

35 Feb 13, 2021 by Justin Mares


The Opportunity in Productivity

A tour of the big ideas in new productivity app mymind

33 πŸ”’ Jul 2, 2020


Action Item: How to become indistractable

We break down Nir Eyal's system for turning down the noise and getting work done

33 πŸ”’ Nov 6, 2020 by Dan Shipper



The mindful todo list app that's been keeping me focused this week

32 πŸ”’ May 7, 2020


Is it new or does it suck?

A lot of people ask me for advice on how to get started writing. The pattern I see is fairly repetitive: They get inspired by something. The

31 πŸ”’ Jul 11, 2020


Organize Your Week with the Weekly Priority Sheet

This week’s article is dedicated to the memory of George Floyd and the millions of people who have suffered racial injustice in America. Na

30 πŸ”’ Jun 5, 2020


Spatial Organization

How to find patterns and insights in your notes

29 πŸ”’ Oct 2, 2020 by Dan Shipper


Week 25

25 weeks ago, in November 2019, I wrote this in my Notion: - Write and publish a Superorganizers interview once a week - Find a partner to w

29 πŸ”’ May 16, 2020


How To Build A Digital Zettelkasten

Effortlessly link ideas together with Roam Research. It’s like a bank account for your brain

28 πŸ”’ Apr 1, 2020


Productivity Cycles

Let me know if you’ve ever felt this way: Everything is piling up. Emails, todos, housework, bills, taxes, books to read. It’s endless. You

28 πŸ”’ Feb 27, 2020


Cognitive Behavioral Productivity

How you can use psychology to get unstuck

28 πŸ”’ Dec 9, 2020 by Jonathan Shi


If your system was a house, would you want to live in it?

In his book Notes on the Synthesis of Form Christopher Alexander writes about how to design buildings: β€œ[A good design is an] effort to ach

27 πŸ”’ Apr 28, 2020


I’m Married to an Emergency Room Doctor in New York City

How fighting the pandemic has changed our lives forever

26 Jun 9, 2020


Action Item: Progress Over Process, Remembering What You Read, Zettelkasten

Read to the end to learn what else you get from your subscription

26 πŸ”’ Oct 29, 2020 by Dan Shipper


Scott Belsky’s Elephant List

Adobe’s CPO on relentlessly taking action even on the problems no one is talking about

25 πŸ”’ Jul 8, 2020


Follow your heart β€” with caveats

β€œFollow your heart” is squishy advice.Β  It’s a Goop headline. It’s a bumper sticker. It’s something you imagine Adam Neumann plastering on

25 πŸ”’ Jul 31, 2020


Finding the Truth

What to do when it feels like you're spinning your wheels intellectually

25 πŸ”’ Jan 30, 2021 by Dan Shipper


Seth Godin Hates Being Organized

We talk about how you might be wasting time organizing instead of shipping, how he writes his blog posts, and how he gives speeches.

20 Mar 11, 2020


Dopamine Stacking

The hidden wisdom in trying new tools and systems

20 πŸ”’ Sep 25, 2020 by Dan Shipper


Action Item: Playing Offense, The 10-10-10 Test, and Blending

Amanda Goetz, VP of Marketing at The Knot, shares her routines for managing a day job, a startup, and three kids.

19 πŸ”’ Oct 19, 2020 by Dan Shipper


Action Item: How to stop worrying and love Twitter

Visakan Veerasamy on building an audience by making internet friends

18 πŸ”’ Dec 17, 2020 by Dan Shipper


How Productivity Star Thomas Frank Reaches Millions on YouTube

We pull back the curtain on how he gets things and done, and do a deep dive on his system for making videos

18 πŸ”’ Mar 30, 2020


Stop Trying to Make Hard Work Easy

Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable, explains how to cope even when work is hard.

18 πŸ”’ May 5, 2020


Productivity for Parents

Square’s Restaurant Product Lead on integrating career and family

16 πŸ”’ Apr 16, 2020