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Does Sonos have a moat? [audio]

This is a subscriber-only audio edition of the most recent Divinations essay: “Does Sonos have a moat?” It’s narrated and edited by me, Nath

1 🔒 Mar 20, 2020 by Nathan Baschez



Plus, how to be a person on the Internet, with Visakan Veerasamy

1 🔒 Sep 3, 2020 by Nathan Baschez


Understanding the Covid-19 Recession [audio]

This is the audio edition of Understanding the Covid-19 Recession. If you’d like these to be delivered to your podcast app every week, clic

1 🔒 Mar 27, 2020 by Nathan Baschez


Divinations Podcast #003 — Discussing Sonos’s moat (or lack thereof)

Whether or not you’ve already had the chance to read Does Sonos have a moat?, I think you’ll love this week’s conversation with Adam Keeslin

0 Mar 23, 2020 by Nathan Baschez


Dominance Friction [audio]

Hey subscribers! Here is the audio version of the Jesse Beyroutey interview on Dominance Friction. If you haven’t already, I strongly encour

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Means of Creation #4: Leah Culver & Erik Berlin

The co-founders of Breaker, on podcasting, platforms, and media

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