Disrupting Disruption: Alex Danco

Two theories; one of them good

Welcome to part 3 of my series on disruption theory!

In part 1, we covered the classic version of the theory as articulated by Clay Christensen in the 90s. And then in part 2, we explored Ben Thompson’s critique of disruption. Now, we’re turning our attention towards an up-and-coming and massively underrated strategy thinker: Alex Danco!

Alex works at Shopify now, but I first encountered his work back in 2016 when he published a series of essays called “Emergent Layers” that blew my mind. Luckily, his thoughts on disruption are equally compelling.

Danco has written two main posts trying to patch disruption theory in order to fix its failed predictions about the iPhone, Uber, MOOCs, etc. 

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