Genius Verified: Where Singers Spill Song Secrets

Cyberbits #11: Deciphering the hidden meaning behind popular lyrics

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Genius Verified: Where Singers Spill Song Secrets

In a 2019 song “Did it Again,” Lil Tecca raps about hook-up culture, travelling to lavish locations, and driving an expensive car. But in a Genius Verified video, a series where artists explain their song lyrics, he exposes the reality behind the rap song from his debut mixtape

“I got a pack, hit ‘em and do it again, fuck it, I’m fucking her friend,” he raps, following up his lyrics with this commentary: “I have a girlfriend…don’t DM me.” 

Rapping, “I got bands, one day I’m flying to France, juggin’ ‘till a nigga land,” he pauses to note, “Nah, I never went to France. But one day I will.” 

To the lyrics “Crashed the ‘Rari, so I hopped in the Benz,” he clarifies that he doesn’t drive—a few years shy of 18, donning braces, he doesn’t know how.

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