We’re Spinning Out Lex!

Hey there! 

We’re spinning out Lex, our AI writing app, as its own company! Every co-founder Nathan is going to be the CEO of Lex, and he’s raised a $2.75 million seed round for it from True Ventures.

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • All paid Every subscribers will get free bundled access to Lex’s paid plans going forward. (Stay tuned for updates.)
  • Nathan will continue writing at Every from time to time. Dan will remain CEO of Every—and will continue writing weekly. 

We’re incredibly excited about the future of both businesses. If you want to learn more, here’s what you should read:

It’s incredibly unique for a media company to be able to incubate a venture-funded startup like Lex. We could not have done it without support from readers like you—and we’re so lucky to have you in our corner. 

And we’re not done yet! We have a lot more exciting Every-related announcements coming in the near future—new writers, new editors, new courses, and new products.


Dan and Nathan

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@backofthenapkin about 1 month ago

I enjoy Every topics and coverage. #Kudos. I also enjoy Lex as an early user, now that PDF rendering is working. I do have two pain points with Lex. First, I would like an ability to turn the AI recommendations directly into body text, not just check/uncheck the recommendations. I still have to copy and paste. Second, can PDF support Pandoc styles?

Dan Shipper about 1 month ago

@backofthenapkin thank you!! will forward this along to the team :)

This is amazing, congrats!!

Dan Shipper about 1 month ago

@p.riedemann.h thanks Pablo!

Congratulations!! Looking forward!

Dan Shipper about 1 month ago

@yahli thank you!!

Good to see you succeeding. Please above all make sure you retain and even improve the quality of the product. Congratulations.

Dan Shipper about 1 month ago

@olafw this is our number one goal! thanks for reading and commenting :)

@informationisbeautiful about 1 month ago

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@wgblackmonall about 1 month ago

Good luck!

Brad Zirulnik about 1 month ago

I learned about Dan and Nathan (@Every) in a podcast they did with each other during Covid when they originally formed the publication. I remember driving over Hawk's Nest (Sullivan Country upstate NY) at the time on my way back to Brooklyn. It's amazing to watch people become successful and inspire others (like me) along the way to become a better reader, thinker, and writer. Thank you.🙏🏻

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