The Psychology of Strategy

How to see what you aren't seeing

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How to Win the Great British Bake Off

Peter Sawkins Sits Down to Discuss Framing, Faith, and Finding His Path

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Napkin Math

Will Tokens Replace Equity?

The Weird Future Ahead

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The Three Systems Beneath Network Effects

An exclusive excerpt from a16z general partner Andrew Chen’s new book, The Cold Start Problem

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How Flow Saved a Chef

A Renowned New York Restaurateur on Using Flow to Run His Business, Make Decisions, and Guide His Life

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Walking as a Productivity System

How walks create the foundation of Craig Mod's creative work

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How hard should I push myself?

What the science of stress tells us about peak performance

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Why Content is King

How media creates power

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How Josh Kaufman Does Research 

The author of The Personal MBA shares his process for finding answers hiding in plain sight

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Surgical Reading: How to Read 12 Books at Once

How to efficiently get what you need out of reading, multiple books at a time

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How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine

Shopify’s Director of Production Engineering explains how reading broadly helps him get to the bottom of things

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The Library

All reviews of books, podcasts, articles, etc

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