Why You Should Build in Deep Tech, How to Use ChatGPT for Psychological Growth, and More

Everything we published this week

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Hello, and happy Sunday! 

We announced a new course, “Maximize Your Mind With ChatGPT,” created by Dan Shipper and Dr. Gena Gorlin, a clinical psychologist and founder coach at the University of Texas at Austin (as well as an Every contributor). If you’re interested in learning about the course when it launches in January, register for early access:

Now, on to everything we published this week.

Our stories

“Why You Should Build in Deep Tech” by Leo Polovets: There’s an old saying in football: "No risk it, no biscuit." This approach about taking chances in life applies to venture investing, too. Read this piece by venture capitalist Leo Polovets to understand why investing in companies that take on significant scientific or engineering risk can generate superior returns.

“How to Deal With Uncertainty” by Simone Stolzoff: Speaking of risk: the biggest one isn’t failure. It’s being so afraid of uncertainty that you never take a shot—a phenomenon known as ambiguity aversion. Read this to learn about three concrete ways to become more comfortable with what you don't know.

“How to Use ChatGPT as a Copilot for Learning” by Dan Shipper/Chain of Thought: OpenAI tapped Nathan Labenz to join its red team and test the limits of GPT-4—so who better for Dan to interview about how to use ChatGPT to increase his pace of learning? Read about Dan’s conversation with Nathan—and listen to or watch the latest episode of our How Do You Use ChatGPT? podcast—to learn about using ChatGPT as a copilot for your mind. 

“Should You Fire This Newsletter? 2023 Edition” by Evan Armstrong/Napkin Math: Most newsletter writers prognosticate with no accountability. Evan continues his annual tradition of self-analysis by grading his predictions from 2023. Read this to learn what he got right, what he got wrong, and what he’s planning for 2024.

“How to Use ChatGPT for Psychological Growth” by Gena Gorlin: Psychologist Gena Gorlin got over her skepticism about AI after spending two days with Dan, during which they combined ChatGPT and psychological knowledge into a simple set of techniques that can help humans flourish and achieve their goals. Read this to discover what she learned about leveraging psychology with ChatGPT—and the forthcoming course from her and Dan where you can learn to do the same.

That’s all for this week—and this year. Happy holidays! We’ll see you in 2024.

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