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The Athlete as Creator

How new regulations have brought college athletes into the creator economy, big time

15 🔒 Dec 15, 2021 by Matt Ragland

Masterful Storytelling

Who (and I ask this sincerely) the fuck are you?

How we tell stories about ourselves to establish trust, and how it all might change pretty soon.

23 🔒 Dec 14, 2021 by Adam Davidson


LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe

How the professional platform makes networking weird

93 Dec 3, 2020 by Fadeke Adegbuyi


Amanda Goetz Doesn’t Believe in Balance

The VP of Marketing at the Knot Talks About Blending Rather Than Balancing Work and Life

115 Oct 7, 2020 by Dan Shipper


Instagram can’t recreate TikTok’s Magic

The content format is a red herring. What really matters is the structure and purpose of TikTok’s network, which is antithetical to Instagram.

158 Aug 24, 2020 by Nathan Baschez


Inside the Clubhouse

The surprisingly compelling audio app that has consumed my life

240 Apr 24, 2020 by Nathan Baschez