Means of Creation

Is Crypto *Actually* Destroying the Planet?

“Quantify the impact, reduce it as much as possible, and offset the rest” says Joseph Pallant - founder of the Blockchain for Climate Foundation

Feb 15, 2022 by Li Jin and Nathan Baschez


Field Guide to the Curve Wars: DeFi’s Fight for Liquidity

Curve, Convex, Llamas, Butterflies, Token Reactors, and a Big Bag of Stablecoins

Feb 4, 2022 by Nat Eliason

The Prediction Game

We Have a Winner

The Prediction Game Crowns its Winner

1 Feb 3, 2022 by Andre Plaut

Napkin Math

Will Tokens Replace Equity?

The Weird Future Ahead

1 Jan 27, 2022 by Evan Armstrong

Means of Creation

DeFi Explained

Nat Eliason helps us understand Decentralized Finance from first principles

Jan 25, 2022 by Li Jin and Nathan Baschez


Building Sustainable Web3 Games with Owned Liquidity & Tokenized Assets

Play and Earn. Not Breed to Earn.

4 Jan 21, 2022 by Nat Eliason

The Prediction Game

It’s The Final Countdown

It’s been 3 months of non-fungible tokens and extremely fungible viruses. This is the final 2021 Prediction Game recap.

Dec 27, 2021 by Andre Plaut


Is Axie Infinity a Ponzi Scheme?

To Axie Infinity And Beyond!

Dec 17, 2021 by Nathan Baschez and Ryan Broderick


Tokenomics 101: The Basics of Evaluating Cryptocurrencies

Supply, Demand, and Memes. Lots of Memes.

3 Dec 17, 2021 by Nat Eliason

Masterful Storytelling

Who (and I ask this sincerely) the fuck are you?

How we tell stories about ourselves to establish trust, and how it all might change pretty soon.

Dec 14, 2021 by Adam Davidson


Goodbye Gas Fees: Hello Layer 2 Living

It's like driving a Prius but cooler

1 Dec 10, 2021 by Nat Eliason

Means of Creation

Legitimacy Lost

How Creator Platforms Are Eroding Their Most Important Resource

Oct 14, 2021 by Li Jin and Katie Parrott


Living Tax-Free off Magical Internet Money - DeFriday #14

Swish and Flick

1 Sep 24, 2021 by Nat Eliason


Will DAOs replace Corporations?

Or, how NounsDAO plans to take over the world

Sep 21, 2021 by Nathan Baschez