Simone Stolzoff


Simone Stolzoff is a writer, author, and designer from San Francisco. You can follow him on Twitter @simonestolzoff or learn more about his debut book, The Good Enough Job, at

You Aren’t What You Do (Even if You Do What You Love)

Why conflating your worth with work is a recipe for disappointment

50 May 23, 2023 by Simone Stolzoff

A Better Argument for Working Less

What gets lost in conversations about four-day workweeks

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Playing a Career Game You Actually Want to Win

What would you be doing if no one else knew about it?

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How to Balance Meaning and Money

What the science says about your relationship with what you do

98 Jan 3, 2023 by Simone Stolzoff

How to Find Clarity When You’re at a Career Crossroads

Five research-backed steps to figure out your next move

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Dealing with Doubt on the Pathless Path

One writer's experience stepping off the treadmill

89 Sep 23, 2022 by Simone Stolzoff


Against Ikigai

And How to Move Toward a Diversified Portfolio of Meaning

127 Apr 6, 2022 by Simone Stolzoff