Top 12 Creator Platforms—Ranked

Who has the brawn to capture creator’s profit?

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Is there any place on the internet that isn’t a ripoff? More specifically, is there a website where a creator can go and receive a fair amount of money for the stuff they are making? 

Two weeks ago, to help answer this question, I published my newest theory - the Creator Power Scale. The goal was to give the people a slightly more quantitative way to evaluate creator platforms. I ran the formula on Twitch as an example, and discussed the implications. Reader response was really strong with lots of discussions in my Twitter DMs and Discord servers. 

The natural question most people wanted to know is: how do the platforms stack up against each other? While comparing individual providers is much more of a feature comparison exercise, comparing competing mediums/monetization models gives unique insights into the power structure of the market. 

The Formula and the Math

As a reminder, the formula was,

(Platform Attributable, Unique Eyeballs 

Content Creation Barriers to Entry

Average Revenue Generated Per User


Audience Portability)


Percent Creators Get to Keep

= Creator Power Scale Score

Each Variable is scored from 1-5—the higher the better. So I did a bunch of research and did my best to come up with an objective ranking of how the major creator platforms fared against each other. You can see individual scores here, but first let me walk you through the overall conclusions.

 When you run all the major platforms through the formula there are clear clusters of scoring.

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