In Praise of the Meandering Career, America’s Electrical Grid Is an Incredible Feat of Engineering, and more!

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If you're looking for the most practical, in-depth, guide to Midjourney ever created—look no further than the Definitive Guide to Midjourney we published this week. It's a 4,000 word bible that starts at the beginning, and takes you through every advanced tip and trick to make you into an AI art ninja. Curious?

Now, onto the articles.

In Praise of the Meandering Career

Simone Stolzoff

Success isn't always a straight-line journey. Simone Stolzoff's exploration of the 'dark horse' career trajectory challenges conventional wisdom, suggesting a non-linear path might lead to more fulfillment. Referencing a study by Harvard researchers Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas, Stolzoff discusses how unconventional professionals often experience high levels of satisfaction in their work. These 'dark horses' meander in and out of jobs or industries to find their perfect fit, drawing a unique map of their career journey rather than following a predetermined compass. This essay invites us to reconsider the traditional career path, encouraging curiosity and adaptability in an era of rapid change.


America's Electrical Grid Is an Incredible Feat of Engineering -And Its Biggest Bottleneck

Anna- Sofia Lesiv

America's power grid, an engineering marvel, is struggling under the strain of extreme weather events caused by climate change and desperately needs modernization, asserts Anna-Sofia Lesiv in this detailed exploration of the country's electrical infrastructure. The grid is a complex network taking power from various sources to homes and vehicles, but despite its sophistication, altering any part of it is a huge challenge. The piece delves into the state of the electric grid today and its development into a government-regulated utility from a high-competition private industry. Lesiv emphasizes that the grid is the country's greatest bottleneck in increasing energy abundance, considering the anticipated rise in electricity consumption due to the growing number of electric vehicles. She also explores the future of the grid and the urgent need to integrate renewable energy sources, despite the challenges this poses.


The Internet is Still Early

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

Evan Armstrong sets out to demystify the internet's role in the evolution of society. Far from being yesterday's revolution, the internet is constantly redefining the boundaries of possibilities, from altering organizational structures to changing the way we read books. Despite having around 70% global usage, the internet is still underappreciated for its transformative power that is still unfolding. In his essay, Armstrong navigates the reader through the intricate web of the internet's influence, touching on how it's not only collapsing organizational roles but also enabling ambitious missions like never before. With real-world examples from Amazon to the resurgence of books, he captures the enigmatic and paradoxical nature of the internet's impact.


A Definitive Guide to Using Midjourney

Lucas Crespo

In a deep dive into the AI-powered image generation tool, Midjourney, Lucas Crespo shares his journey to mastering this new medium. From struggling with the AI's interpretation of prompts to discovering its vast potential for creativity, Lucas explores how to get the most out of Midjourney. The article covers techniques for fine-tuning image output, understanding the tool's quirks, customizing images post-production, the power of remixing prompts, and much more. Lucas guides us through this new landscape, revealing the innovative ways Midjourney can revolutionize the creative process.


Stripe Can't Lose

Jareau Wade

The once unstoppable juggernaut, Stripe, is facing new challenges as competition heats up and profitability concerns rise. Once hailed as the golden child of the payments industry, Stripe is now grappling with allegations of unscrupulous conduct, valuation markdowns, and layoffs. Despite this, many are still holding out hope for the company's potential public offering. Jareau Wadé takes a deep dive into Stripe's journey, examining its early innovation, increasing competition, questionable investments, and the potential of a future IPO. Amid challenging times, the question arises: Can Stripe still secure a win in the ruthless world of fintech? Dive in to know more about the twists and turns in Stripe's path and what lays ahead for this once unbeatable industry titan.


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