Taylor Majewski



Should I Become an Herb Lady?

How did CBD grow into such a massive industry so quickly? This essay isn't about whether CBD works, but how its marketing works for it. Especially with women.

8 Apr 20, 2021 by Taylor Majewski


The Unwritten Rules of Social Media (A Survival Guide)

What are the dance steps that help doctors, researchers, health companies, educators, sex workers and activists combat harmful policies on legacy social platforms?

11 Mar 31, 2021 by Taylor Majewski


Welcome to Glassy

A lens—not a ceiling

4 Mar 24, 2021 by Taylor Majewski


Introducing Glassy

Introducing our newest publication, Glassy! (A weekly study of technology through the lens of gender.)

16 Mar 24, 2021 by Nathan Baschez and Taylor Majewski


Who Gets to Solve Death?

The two types of “death tech” companies

21 Oct 21, 2020 by Taylor Majewski