The Long Conversation

Weekly conversations on the craft of writing

The Long Conversation

#15 - Restful Writing

This week, Rachel greets Dan, Nathan, and Taylor with a writing exercise: what is it like when your house is completely silent? Answering th

3 Apr 8, 2021

The Long Conversation

#16 - Specificity informs intimacy

Rachel, Nathan, and Taylor welcome Kieran O'Hare, an Every writer and editor whose recent Superorganizers profile of Dan Shipper took an ent

2 Apr 15, 2021

The Long Conversation

#17 - When the feeling stops, I’ll stop

Rachel, Dan, Nathan and Taylor welcome new Every lead writer Evan Armstrong—the new voice behind Napkin Math—to the podcast. Topics include:

2 Apr 23, 2021

The Long Conversation

#18 - Unsticking yourself (Part I)

Pulling from an anti-writer's block resource created for Every writers and readers, Rachel takes Dan and Nathan on a journey through a word

1 May 14, 2021

The Long Conversation

#19 - Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome

Rachel brings together Nathan and special guest Evan Armstrong to discuss the writing and editing processes that led to their hit pieces fro

0 May 28, 2021