#94 - Ted Lasso Recap S2 E6: How to tell a friend you’re worried about them

(Spoilers, as usual!)

In the this episode of Ted Lasso, Higgins decides to take Coach Beard aside and ask him whether he really thinks it's a good idea to get back into a relationship with Jane, because the last time they were together it was pretty tumultuous. We all face situations like this in the world of work: should we tell our founder when we're worried about their company? How can we tell our coworkers when we're worried about them? The paradox of these situations is on the one hand, we'll never have the context they do. But on the other hand, by having some distance we will have perspective that they can't. The key? Humility.

After that discussion, we go over what's going on with Ted's breakdown, where things will go with Rebecca and her mystery lover, and predict what's happening in the rest of this season. 

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