Can NFTs Be A New Monetisation Model For Creators?

Also: Dispo’s $200 million valuation, MrBeast sells 1 million burgers, Spotify’s latest announcements, and more

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Top Stories in the Passion Economy, 02/24/21Can NFTs Be A New Monetisation Model for Creators? 

What Happened?

  • NFTs have been all over the news lately! Here’s a small sampling of some of the highlights:
  • NBA Top Shot, a blockchain powered marketplace for collectible highlight videos generated $53.9 million in sales.
  • Popular creator Logan Paul raised $3.5 million in one day through NFT sales. 
  • Art auction house Christie’s is accepting NFTs for an upcoming auction. 
  • A limited edition version of iconic GIF ‘Nyan Cat’ was auctioned using NFTs and sold for $482 thousand dollars. 
  • Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch, announced that he will be minting his YouTube content as NFTs. 
  • Overwhelmed? We strongly recommend reading this primer written by Jesse Walden. 

What this means:  


  • I'm excited about this from a passion economy perspective because it represents a really interesting way for artists to monetize, and for their fans to profit from supporting them.


  • Agree! NFTs have created a mechanism to buy equity in creative content. If you're an early fan of a creator and you love their content, you may want to support them by buying into a piece of it, which could potentially appreciate in value. 


  • Historically, people have collected art for different reasons: for aesthetic reasons of course, but also as a financial investment. 
  • NFTs offer a way to invest in digital content as an alternative asset class. They also have a lot of advantages compared to physical art: first, liquidity—no need to ship things across the country and store them in temperature controlled environments. And second, artists have the ability to capture a percentage of secondary sales.


  • I agree, but it's important to separate the temporary hype from the longer term effects. 

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