Introducing: How to Land a Book Deal

A Nine-Part Series, from Concept to Launch

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Hello Praxsters!

It's been a quiet last few months as I've been working on a monster of a series.

I'm very proud to present:

>>> The Complete Guide to Landing a Book Deal <<<

It's a comprehensive, 9-part in-depth guide on what it takes to get published today. It is the guide I wish I had when I first started thinking about writing a book more than a decade ago.

recently signed a six-figure book deal with Simon & Schuster for my book Building a Second Brain. 

It took a year of hard work, a team of editors and advisors, and countless proposal drafts and revisions, along with a heavy dose of luck. It was a real achievement as a first-time author, and in the midst of an economic crisis.

My guide through this process was The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, recommended to me by my agent as an industry standard. It is a monster 500-page book detailing everything (and I mean everything) you would ever want to know about landing a book publishing deal.

This series is a summarized collection of insights drawn from this book, other sources I researched, and my own experience. I did my best to focus on the most interesting, unusual, counterintuitive, or important pieces of advice for writers interested in one day navigating the waters of the publishing world.

My hope is that it gives those of you who are just beginning your writing journey, or maybe even have never seriously considered writing a book, a better window into what the process looks like.

While this series focuses on traditional publishing, I've also written about other pathways to getting your writing published, such as independent presses, self-publishing, and ghostwriting services.

In The Four Pathways of Modern Book Publishing I discuss the pros and cons of each pathway based on your goals and time horizon.

in The Case for Traditional Publishing for Full-Stack Freelancers I explain why I chose traditional publishing, and why other Internet thought leaders should also consider doing so.

In My 10-Step Book Publishing Strategy I lay out the complete publishing strategy I'm following (currently on step 5).

Publishing is more accessible than ever, yet in some ways also more daunting than ever with the incredible proliferation of options. 

I sincerely hope to see many more people publishing their writing to a wider audience using the unprecedented platforms we now have access to.



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