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Are you obsessed with Roam? Did you get a Hey invite when it launched? Will Clubhouse disrupt podcasts? How about that Mirror-Lululemon deal? If any or all of these questions provoke strong feelings and the desire to explain them in clear and accessible prose, writing for Every might be the gig for you.

Every is a subscription-based media company founded in 2019. We are laser-focused on creating the best business writing on the internet. We currently publish a bundle of four newsletters about strategy and productivity, a podcast about starting a new company, a talk show about the passion economy, and more. We’ll soon expand into industry- and sector-specific newsletters, too.

Every is seeking freelance writers to work on two of our existing newsletters, Superorganizers and Divinations. Writers will work with recordings of interviews conducted by the host of the newsletter. You must be able to transform a transcript into an article that captures the essence of the interview while expanding, explaining, and editing the conversation for maximum clarity, intelligence, and accessibility.

There are also opportunities to pitch original articles or even new newsletters for writers who have demonstrated the aptitude and passion our readers demand of us.

We’re excited about working with journalists, but there are also other experiences that we think successful candidates may have in their toolkit: People who have worked as interpreters, translators, copywriters, speechwriters, technical writers, in edtech, venture capital, startups, finance, etc., are especially encouraged to contact us, as are students pursuing MBA, law, or other professional degrees.

Although these positions are freelance, you will be a key contributor to our editorial team. As our company grows, opportunities for ongoing contracts or W-2 employment may become available in the future. Every is an equal opportunity company that is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team.

Writing for Every

The articles we write here are a little different from the norm.

We find a lot of mainstream business writing oversimplifies things. In doing so, they also suck the fun and interestingness out. They’re often written in a neutral tone — like Wikipedia, or an academic paper. They’re dutiful — giving the sense the author is only talking about the subject because they think they’re supposed to. 

This leads to articles that are bland and written for the lowest common denominator. You might nod your head along, but you’re not hooked and you don’t learn very much that stays with you.

We’re different. Every’s mission is to publish articles that are so good people will pay money for them and remember and talk about them months and years later. We want you to feel the way you do after a conversation over dinner with your smartest friend, and their smartest friend. And Einstein.

Our articles all share a few key ingredients:

They’re opinionated, confident, specific, thoughtful, and sometimes provocative. They’re written about topics the author genuinely cares about and takes pleasure in sharing. And the author’s spirit shines through in the writing. Every is written for smart people. We’re not afraid of delving deeply into the details of complicated topics. In fact, we demand it of ourselves.

Our articles succeed when they’re quirky and idiosyncratic. They’re the opposite of bland — they’re spicy and tangy, and that makes them interesting, stimulating, and why readers invite us into their inboxes again and again.

How to Apply

Sound interesting? Email a short cover letter, resume, and up to three writing samples to our Editorial Director, Paul Smalera, at [email protected]. You can also indicate if you have a preference about which publication you’d like to write for.

Every is also interested in hearing from writers interested in developing their own business-focused newsletters. To learn more, email [email protected].

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