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Kim Roxie: What I don’t know is the future

by Sherrell Dorsey & Annaliese Griffin in Free Radicals (10-minute read)

As founder of the trailblazing beauty startup LAMIK, Kim Roxie knows about tapping into existing trends from a whole new angle—in this case, a community-based model that broke new ground in her Houston home. But she also knows about pivoting—from crash courses in tech accelerators to rethinking her entire endeavor for a mid-pandemic world. Speaking with Sherrell, Kim goes deep on building a brand ethically, becoming an entrepreneur at 21, and why her shift to being a CEO hasn't changed her as a person.

Why Today is Math Geeks’ Favorite Friday the 13th in a Century

by Andre Plaut in The Prediction Game (3-minute read)

Friday the 13th is a semiannual occurrence—but why was the one two days ago particularly exciting for a particular sect of math head? As Andre explains, it has a lot to do with the distinct pleasure of recognizing math in real life.

Is Facebook Fixable?

by Evan Armstrong in Napkin Math (13-minute read)

Whether you've already devoured Sheera Frankel and Cecilia Kang's An Ugly Truth or you're holding out for the Sparknotes, check out Evan's "idea review" of the book. Moving from a summary of the book's argument to lay out the "Napkin Math of Content Moderation," Evan argues that Facebook's issues are not unique to the platform—they're more often a perfectly distilled look at the ugliness of human nature.

Community Calendar

What's going down in our Discord this week.

Monday August 16th, 10am ET/7am PT: Focused Work Pomodoros with Dan Shipper

Thursday August 19th, 11am-1pm ET/8am – 10am PT: Community Working Session with Rachel Jepsen

In this weekly two-hour event, our cameras are on, our tunes are flowing, and we're getting things done together! Executive editor Rachel will open each session with a ten-minute writing exercise to get us all in a creative flow. Then, participants can share in the #fireside-chat channel what they're hoping to accomplish during the session. Finishing an essay? Getting started on a new project? Tell us what you're working on!

Want to be looped in on upcoming community events? Check out our Discord server!

A Recommendation from Every

Neeva—freshly launched on Product Hunt

What do you get when you take a handful of ex-Google execs from ad and monetization teams? An ad-free, private search engine. It's just launched to the public with a new model focused on your experience, not ad revenue.

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The Sunday Digest

New: Tiago Forte Joins Everything

All Praxis paywalled posts are now available to members

20 🔒 Jun 11, 2020

The Sunday Digest

Tiago Forte joins the Everything bundle!

All Praxis paywalled posts are now available to members

20 Jun 11, 2020

The Sunday Digest

Tiago Forte Joins Everything

All Praxis paywalled posts are now available to members

20 Jun 11, 2020


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The Sunday Digest

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