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Happy Sunday!

Last week, we shared a new round of signups for the Every Discord community—which includes channels on everything from the creator economy to what our readers and readers are eating for dinner. Over the past few days, we've welcomed new members, chatted about the latest business news, exchanged TV recommendations, and celebrated a whole bunch of spring birthdays. Dan even publicly workshopped the latest Superorganizers piece, which you can now read below!

We're keeping our sign-up page open this week, so if you'd like to join us for all of the above and way more, go ahead and do that. In the meantime, enjoy the Digest!

What We Published

This week's output: 3 articles, 2 podcasts, and 1 conversation

The Truth About Mental Models with Shane Parrish

by Dan Shipper & Kieran O'Hare in Superorganizers

When is a mental model BS—and when might it actually work for you? To Shane Parrish, founder of Farnam Street, who has had a major hand in giving mental models traction in the productivity world today. To Shane, a mental model is only good as its foundation—and that has more to do with self-reflection than it does with action alone. To learn Shane's well-honed approaches to everything from reading to meetings to decision-making, read on.

Read (19 minutes)

Fashion's Digital Future

by Leigh Cuen in Divinations

In this fascinating Divinations guest post, Leigh shares her personal experience dipping into the crypto-fashion world as a springboard to a larger question: who might buy virtual clothes for online avatars—and will that group of consumers be able to grow? As Leigh writes, "Every part of the demand for virtual driven by a social activity"—and those who succeed in this sphere will do so by engaging multiple platforms in the effort to expand our understand of what kinds of clothes people will pay for.

Read (11 minutes)

Why Influencers Need a Watchdog

Means of Creation with Li Jin & Nathan Baschez

Insider senior reporter Kat Tenbarge paid a visit to MOC to chat about her recent watchdog reporting—including a crucial investigative piece on the Vlog Squad allegations—and about the importance of her field at large. If you're interested in Kat's conversation with Li and Nathan (as you should be!) you can listen to it as a podcast, watch it as a video, or read a complete transcript!

Read, Watch or Listen (48 minutes)

#75 - Is Dan Inconsiderate?

Talk Therapy with Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez

Short answer/spoiler alert: no. But, as Dan and Nathan reveal in one of their deepest-cutting therapy sessions to date, we interpret personality traits differently before we truly know the person they belong to. That's a solvable problem, though—and hearing how these cofounders broke out of a potentially negative feedback loop is just one of the many reasons to check this episode out.

Listen to #75 (23 minutes) &

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Yet another reason to join our Discord: Fadeke Adegbuyi pointing us to years-old gems she intends to use Twitter's new 'tipping' feature on:

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