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Has anyone ever told you, at one point or another, that writing is worth learning because "everyone has to do it?" It's one of those creaky adages that's particularly infuriating because of how true it is. We can't think of a better person to guide you through the ups, downs, and sidewayses of the writing process with wisdom, warmth, and humor than Rachel Jepsen—Every's exeutive editor, and host of The Long Conversation.

TLC was—and still is!—a podcast centered on the craft of reading and writing, and populated by a panel of Every writers. Now, Rachel is synthesizing the nuggets of genius she regularly doled out on the airwaves into a newsletter. It's still called The Long Conversation, and she's still behind it. But now all of Rachel's advice and experience can be found in one, lovely-to-read place. You can even ask her a question, and it could very well become the basis for the next edition of the letter!

This week's installment of TLC explores the concept of "voice." Again: everybody's got one, in one sense or another. So whether you're a longtime listener, a first-time reader, both, or neither, check it out, and watch your next piece of writing benefit as a result.

What We Published

7 Articles & a Podcast

The Blurred Lines of Parasocial Relationships

by Fadeke Adegbuyi in Cybernaut (20-minute read)

When you're watching your favorite YouTuber's latest livestream, they're staring straight out of the screen, looking into your eyes, talking directly to you...but how close is that to the truth, actually? As Fadeke writes here, the concept of "parasocial relationships" between celebrities and their audiences goes back decades, far before those connections went online—but today, are we fooling ourselves if we think the proximity offered by the internet is anything outside of a cash cow? Touring us through various platforms' histories of fostering parasocial relationships, Fadeke finds a complex conclusion that—in classic Cybernaut fashion—transcends binary answers.

Wedges: How to Scope Your Initial Product

by Nathan Baschez & Austin Langlinais in Divinations (20-minute read)

Armed with a handy, hearty diagram involving an wedge and a stump, Nathan has a simple, but deep, piece of advice for all the early-stage startup founders out there: sharpen your vision for your product. That means a suitable jumping-off point that is easily adoptable, accomplishable, and scaleable. Read on to discover the five kinds of product wedges, and why they work.

How Free to Play Video Games are Forced to Make Addicts

by Evan Armstrong in Napkin Math (11-minute read)

It's not a secret that "free to play" is a canny piece of wording when it comes to online games. But what happens when the cost goes beyond what you're paying for add-ons—and starts being about addiction? And what to do when your company's business model forces you to consider people susceptible to addictive behavior as the backbone of your product? Melding personal experience with clear-eyed analysis, Evan makes the case for more consideration of the sacrifices innate in the drive for revenue.

How to Find Your Writing "Voice"

by Rachel Jepsen in The Long Conversation (12-minute read)

The inaugural edition of Rachel's textual dispatches from the writing trenches answers a massive question—WTF is "voice"?!—with specificity, helpful metaphors, and a heap of actionable advice and exercises you can try safely at home. Whether you're looking to differentiate voice from tone or style, or the best way to organize a digital or physical inspiration board, Rachel's going to have answers for the questions you didn't know how to ask.

Are Writers Part of the Parasocial Economy?

by Fadeke Adegbuyi in Cybernaut (6-minute read)

We love when Cyberbits complements Fadeke's latest home run of a long read, and this week is no exception. This week's curation of thoughts and phenomena from across the 'net expands the focus of her piece on parasocial relationships to ask where writers of all kinds fit in to the creator economy. Are the relationships they forge with readers—and have for centuries—comparable to those between online creators and audiences in other mediums? You'll need a subscription to read Cyberbits, but—like the healthiest parasocial relationships—it's worth it.

Antifragile Finance: How Hacks Make DeFi Stronger

by Nat Eliason in Almanack (5-minute read)

In the world of finance, is there a such thing as a good hack? As Nat reveals in this week's DeFriday dispatch, the answer—at least in the crypto world—is...quite possibly. See, exploits like this week's 14,000 ETH hack can reveal bugs that might have otherwise gone unseen, eventually benefitting developers and users alike.

Understanding the cofounder relationship through...Game Theory?

🎧 Talk Therapy with Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez (18-minute listen)

After a week of studying human behavior—or rather, studying studies on human behavior—Dan returns to the cofounder conference room with a fresh new context to discuss he and Nathan's working relationship. Game Theory, it turns out, tells us a lot about "social biology"—a.k.a. the inner workings of power and collaboration. And if you've listened to even one episode of Talk Therapy, you know Dan and Nathan have plenty of thoughts on both of those.

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