The Best Decision-Making Is Emotional, Data and Compute Are the Ultimate Flywhel, and More!

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The Optimal Level of Optimization

Dan Shipper / Chain of Thought

Is optimization a journey to perfection or a road to ruin?

In his in-depth exploration of this dichotomy, Dan Shipper reveals how the quest for optimal solutions can lead us astray when pushed to the extreme. He uses machine learning a machine learning problem called "overfitting" as a way to explore why, and how this happens.


The Best Decision-Making Is Emotional

Jonny Miller

Emotions are not the enemy of decision-making, but rather an integral part of the process. This piece by executive coach Jonny Miller dispels the myth that rational thought should always trump emotional responses.

In his examination of neuroscience research, Miller explains how emotions, or "somatic markers," help us filter information and make choices based on anticipated future feelings. He also discusses the physical sensations associated with emotions and the interconnectedness of body and mind. Drawing on his experience, Miller offers tools and practices to help harness the power of emotions, improving decision-making in both personal and professional realms.


Data and Compute Are the Ultimate Flywheel

Abraham Thomas

A glut of data created the AI wave we're all in the middle of riding. As we sit on the brink of a compute explosion fueled by AI demand, Abraham Thomas ponders how progress might affect the value and use of data in the future.

What kind of data will be scarce, and therefore valuable? How will society adjust to this abundance? He answers these questions and more in this fascinating exploration of data and compute.


Twitter is Fragmenting

Nathan Baschez / Divinations

Meta launched Threads this week, so we brought back a prescient piece from the archives: Twitter is Fragmenting.

Nathan argues that people are starting to scatter away from Twitter—but it's unclear whether they'll all go to one new place. Instead, it might be a flight away from one central service to a set of niche communities where different ideologies and vibes can thrive.


OpenAI's Code Interpreter Is About to Remake Finance

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

OpenAI launched Code Interpreter into public beta this week, and so we re-upped a classic from Evan:

Evan believes that Code Interpreter might automate large swaths of financial work, from mundane accounting tasks to sophisticated analysis – all for less than a dime a question. He tested it while it was in private beta tool, and explains in this essay how it could redefine how we understand productivity and labor.

The question is—are you ready for the future of work?


Did you like Children of Time? What that says about you—according to AI.

Recently, we've been struck by AI's uncanny ability to help us understand and articulate our own taste. So, in today's Digest we've picked a book we all love and asked the AI what it says about us.

Children of Time is Adrian Tchaikosvky's sci-fi masterpiece about a far future populated by intelligent, space-faring spiders. If you liked that book here's what that means:

  • Intellectually Curious: Your enjoyment of "Children of Time" reveals your fascination with complex scientific concepts and sociopolitical themes. This shows you are comfortable navigating abstract thoughts and enjoy exploring philosophical questions.
  • Problem Solver: The intricate narrative of the book demands active intellectual engagement. Your appreciation of this feature suggests you enjoy challenges and piecing together complex narratives.
  • Patient and Contemplative: You relish the moderate pacing and extensive character development in the book, indicating a patient temperament and propensity for deep contemplation. You prefer books that take their time to fully explore characters and themes.
  • Emotionally Empathetic: The novel's emotional resonance speaks to you, showing a heightened emotional intelligence. You are willing to emotionally invest in the lives of characters, illustrating your empathetic nature.
  • Imaginative and Adventurous: Your fondness for the far-future, alien setting of "Children of Time" suggests a powerful imagination and interest in life beyond Earth. You enjoy speculation about humanity's future and exploring the unknown, indicating an adventurous spirit.
  • Socially Conscious: The book's commentary on human hubris and unchecked technological progress resonates with you, revealing a keen awareness of and concern for real-world challenges such as climate change and ethical implications of scientific advancements.
  • Value Expert Opinion: The novel's critical acclaim and award recognition appeal to you, showing that you value expert opinion and critical recognition in literature. You seek out books that push boundaries and contribute significantly to their genre.

Did you like this section? Let us know in the feedback and we'll keep doing it :)

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