Supercharging My Focus (with Help from AI), The Status Trap, and more!

Everything we published this week!

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Here's everything we published this week.

Awe, Anxiety, and AI

Dan Shipper / Chain of Thought

AI is moving fast, and Dan is excited. He's also a little scared. In this essay, he explores historical examples where machines learned to outpace humans to help him interpret this moment. He then explores his conflicting emotions, and thinks through what to do about them.


Supercharging My Focus (with Help from AI)

Nathan Baschez / Divinations

Nathan Baschez describes how his life has changed for the better since he began using GPT-powered journaling to help him stay focused. He explains that this form of AI-assisted journaling has allowed him to unlock an entirely new level of focus and productivity, at work and at home. He concludes by offering some advice based on his personal experience with AI-assisted journaling which readers can use as a guide to staying focused.


The Status Trap

Casey Rosengren / No Small Plans

This article explores the phenomenon of the "status trap," where people become overly focused on pursuing status as a way to try to feel secure and whole. It examines three common traps associated with this issue: the trap of the inner ring, the body-builder trap, and the trap of false belonging. The Casey uses personal experience, anecdotes from friends and clients, and evolutionary biology to explain why chasing external recognition can be unfulfilling and damaging. The article offers suggestions for dealing with status insecurity in more skillful ways.


How AI Changes the Media Business

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

AI is changing the media landscape by making both content creation and customer acquisition easier and more affordable. This means that media companies must compete on more than just the quality of their content in order to win eyeballs. Evan believes that AI will allow these companies to create larger volumes of content, making it even more difficult for existing publishers to succeed.


The AI Copyright Fight: A Guide

Helen Jiang

Copyright lawyers are coming, is AI ready? In this article Helen provides an overview of the history of copyright law, from its origin in royal courts up to the present day. It then explains how this past may shape the future of AI technology—and how the courts might rule on the current copyright cases before them.


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