Apple’s Shot At Mental Health, Intellectual Humility and More!

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The Most Important WWDC Announcement That You Missed

Dan Shipper/ Chain of Thought

Apple's ambitious move into mental health could revolutionize the industry and have a profound impact on millions of lives. Dan Shipper explores their recent announcements at the WWDC, where they unveiled a mood tracker, mental health trend report, and psychological assessments accessible through your phone.

These seemingly incremental advancements may ultimately allow Apple to create a massive dataset of mental health data, combined with machine learning, to better assess, diagnose, and treat psychological issues. This paradigm shift could bring about significant improvements to the mental health system and redefine Apple's legacy as a major contributor to human well-being.


The Bugman Cometh

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

Evan Armstrong finds himself irresistibly drawn to Apple's Vision Pro headset. Despite the device's seemingly absurd $3,500 price tag, Evan explores the contradiction behind his sudden desire to own this cutting-edge piece of technology.

As he delves into this headset's potential for productivity, biometric computing, and developer opportunities, it becomes clear that the Vision Pro may usher in a new era of personal computing. But will societal implications and addictive content jeopardize its potential? The bugman cometh, and only time will tell.


Intellectual Humility Is a Cop-out

Gena Gorlin/Every

Intellectual humility may be the new buzzword among social scientists and rationalists, but is it really the solution to better thinking and decision-making? Gena Gorlin disagrees, arguing that true greatness comes from intellectual ambition. She contends that the best thinkers are those who strive for deep understanding, assert their conclusions, and continuously seek knowledge.

In this article, Gorlin delves into the dangers of over-emphasizing humility and explains why cultivating genuine confidence and conviction is essential for a life well-lived.


How Apple Builds the Future

Matthew Guay/Every

Apple's Vision Pro may appear to be a brand-new device, but its design elements and features can be traced back to various other Apple products. By incorporating familiar aspects from products like the Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone, Apple creates a sense of ease and familiarity for users.

This article explores how the company's history of repurposing designs and technologies, such as the Digital Crown and LiDAR sensor, has led to the creation of the Vision Pro. As Apple continues to innovate, it's fascinating to see how past designs could potentially hint at future products and advancements.


How To Find a Therapist

Carmel Deamicis/Every

Navigating the world of therapy can be daunting, but Carmel DeAmicis provides an insider's guide to finding the right therapist for you.

In this comprehensive article, Carmel discusses the importance of understanding what you want from a therapist, generating a list of options, dealing with insurance, vetting potential therapists, and breaking up with a therapist if needed. By following these steps and trusting your instincts, you'll be better equipped to find a therapist that fits your needs and helps you on your mental health journey.


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