How to Become a Better Conversationalist, Hack Your Focus with Body Doubling, and more!

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Hello and happy Sunday!

It was a big week at Every! We spun out Lex—our AI writing app—as its own company. Here's what you should read:

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How to Become a Better Conversationalist

Eliot Peper

There's a secret to mastering the art of engaging conversation—and Eliot Peper has it. According to Peper, a novelist, being a good conversationalist means being interesting—which, in turns, means being genuinely interested. It's about seeking the most exciting response rather than a direct answer, and switching from direct explanations to storytelling. He shares insights from experts like marketing executive Noah Brier, scientific research, and anecdotes from his own experiences, showing us how to kindle curiosity and make every conversation a captivating discovery. Are you ready to reel in your interlocutor—and be reeled in?


Hack Your Focus With Body Doubling

Casey Rosengren / No Small Plans

In a world where distractions are ever present, staying attentive becomes a challenge. In his latest piece, Casey Rosengren offers a different perspective on maintaining focus: body doubling, or working alongside someone else. He explores this underutilized strategy that has turned his writing process from a struggle to a breeze. The reason? Body doubling not only provides accountability but also reinforces resilience against tasks we prefer to avoid. Rosengren delves into the psychology of body doubling and why it works, particularly for tasks that evoke strong emotions. He also provides practical advice on how to implement this method in your routine, whether you're a CEO, an entrepreneur, or just someone trying to fight off procrastination.


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A TikTok Competitor Is About to IPO—And It's Deeply Suspicious

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

Evan Armstrong pulls back the curtain on the upcoming IPO of Triller, a Frankenstein-like collection of creator economy companies that has raised eyebrows for its questionable business practices and lack of transparency. Triller's recent S1 filing offers a rare chance to delve into the company's cryptic operations and finances, painting an intriguing yet concerning picture. Armstrong explores the conglomerate's odd mix of companies, its lofty connections to big names in entertainment, and the sudden appearance of "artificial intelligence" in its pitch. He raises serious doubts about the trustworthiness of the leadership, the authenticity of Triller's user growth numbers, and the potential risks for investors. His examination serves as a timely reminder to for investors to beware.


We Are Entering a Maker Renaissance

Dimitri Glazkov

It's a new era of makers, empowered by the accessibility and potential of generative AI. This new age, argues Dimitri Glazkov, a software engineer at Google, could be as revolutionary as the birth of the Internet. He explores the characteristics of makers, who they are, what fuels their creativity, and how generative AI is shaping a new wave of invention. Glazkov identifies three key factors for this maker renaissance: unprecedented access to technology, a wide-open space of opportunities, and the speed of iteration. As generative AI becomes more accessible and easier to manipulate, we're likely to see a surge of groundbreaking, creative output from modern-day inventors. But how long will this maker era last, and what will come next? Glazkov offers some insightful predictions.


How We Became Every

Dan Shipper

It was a big week for Every: we announced that we're spinning out our AI writing app, Lex, as a standalone company. Co-founder Nathan Baschez is taking the lead as CEO of Lex after securing a seed funding of $2.75 million from True Ventures—a move that is a testament to our ability to nurture a venture-funded startup. Shipper recounts Every's beginnings, sharing insights into the journey on which the two co-founders embarked, their shared vision, and how their passion for great writing played a crucial role in forming the soul of their businesses. The story also teases some upcoming exciting announcements from Every—new writers, new editorial products, new courses, and more.


Announcing Lex's $2.75m Seed Round, Led by True Ventures

Nathan Baschez / Divinations

Nathan Baschez also shared the news about AI-powered word processor Lex branching off to become its own company under his leadership, with a $2.75 million seed round led by True Ventures. His journey, from parental leave to CEO of a venture-funded startup, is a testament to the power of innovation. Nathan details his experiences as he developed Lex, from initial nights-and-weekends conception to the decision to spin it off from Every. Dive in to learn more about the process behind Lex's birth, its potential, and the challenging decisions that led to its launch as an independent entity.


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