Dying Whales and Dying Billionaires, The Perils of Prudence, and more!

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Dying Whales and Dying Billionaires

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

When giants fall, scavengers feast. Evan Armstrong explores the fascinating parallels between the life cycle of a blue whale and the legacy of billionaire Sumner Redstone.

Just as the blue whale's death nourishes the marine ecosystem, Redstone's personal and corporate empire attracted opportunistic individuals who stripped away value. From the personal exploits of Redstone to the corporate decay of Paramount, this article delves into the power dynamics at play, contrasting the natural world's cycle of life and death with the stark realities of wealth and industry.


What I Learned Teaching 100 People to Code with AI

Dan Shipper / Chain of Thought

Almost 100 AI enthusiasts took Dan Shipper's How to Build a Chatbot Course. In this article, Dan shares his experience of teaching them to code with AI and reflects on the lessons he learned from the process. Dan also discusses the challenges and limitations students faced, the importance of basic programming knowledge, and the future of AI-assisted programming education.


The Perils of Prudence

Abraham Thomas

Taking risks can be scary, but when it comes to startups, speed can mean the difference between success and failure. Abraham Thomas explores this idea through the story of two polar explorers, one who took risks and prioritized speed and the other who opted for caution. Drawing parallels between these explorers and tech startups, Thomas underlines the importance of moving quickly and embracing adaptability in the fast-paced world of early-stage companies. So, don't be afraid to move fast and break things – it might just be your key to success.


Five Core Fears That Warp Ambition

Casey Rosengren / No Small Plans

Are your ambitions warped by fear? Casey Rosengren explores five core fears that can influence our dreams and hinder our progress. Unveiling the fears of unworthiness, death, uncertainty, insecurity, and rejection, Casey shares insights on how these fears manifest and offers advice on recognizing and working with them. Dive into this article to learn how to reconnect with your vision and bring meaning, creativity, and purpose back into your projects.


You Aren't What You Do (Even if You Do What You Love)

Simone Stolzoff

Is work consuming your identity? Simone Stolzoff explores the dangers of conflating your worth with your work in an adapted excerpt from his book, "The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work." With workism on the rise, people are seeking meaning from their careers similar to how one seeks meaning from religion. However, Stolzoff warns that tying your sense of self to your job can lead to disappointment and missed opportunities in life. Discover why it's essential to embrace multiple passions, interests, and identities to become more resilient and creative in both work and life.


How much of our lives should we give to our work? That is the question that underpins Every Contributor Simone Stolzoff’s new book, The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work. The book is an investigation into how work has come to be so central to our lives and an argument for diversifying our identities beyond work. Learn more here.

Succession Episode 9 Review

Stay tuned for a full Succession recap from Evan later this week! Enjoy the finale tonight 🙏

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