Divinations Podcast #003 — Discussing Sonos’s moat (or lack thereof)

Whether or not you’ve already had the chance to read Does Sonos have a moat?, I think you’ll love this week’s conversation with Adam Keesling.

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Here’s what we talked about:

  • Minute 0–5: So, does Sonos have a moat? Not in the same way that Google or Facebook does, but they do have a premium, differentiated product with a good brand and probably have good unit economics. Also they can “land and expand” because people buy multiple speakers.
  • Minute 5–14: How did Sonos start? What was the problem they were solving? How’d their launch go?
  • Minute 14–18: Once streaming music became a thing (Pandora, Spotify, etc), how did Sonos respond?
  • Minute 18–25: Should Sonos have made headphones? Why didn’t they?
  • Minute 25–32: What impact have smart speakers and voice assistants had on Sonos’s strategy? Why doesn’t Apple allow Sonos to integrate Siri into their product, but Apple and Amazon do?
  • Minute 32–49: How does Clay Christensen’s Law of Attractive Profits help us decode Sonos’s strategic position?


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