Co-Work Remotely With Me Tomorrow and A New Podcast Episode!

Hey there!

A bunch of updates for Premium Members today.

Our First Podcast Episode!

We’re trying something new for Superorganizers Premium members this week: a podcast!

It’s me and my good friend Nathan Baschez, author of Divinations, talking about this week’s post, Seth Godin Hates Being Organized.

We take a deep dive into the ideas behind the post, and give a little bit of a behind the scenes look into what it was like getting to interview Seth.

If you want more of these let me know! Please keep me updated in the comments section.

Zoom Co-Working for Members Tomorrow

Are you stuck at home during the pandemic? I am too! That’s why I’m organizing a Zoom Co-Working session for Premium Members tomorrow. We’ll start at 1:30 EST and do pomodoros together until 3:30 EST.

This will be a chance to get a bunch of focused work in together as a community. We’ll work in 25 minute silent blocks, with 5 minute breaks in between for water, snacks, and conversation.

Want to participate? Reply to this email and I’ll send you an invite to the Zoom! Or click the button below (it’s a mailto link.)


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