Action Item #1: Playing Offense, The 10-10-10 Test, and Blending

Actionable takeaways from Superorganizers interviews

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Welcome to Action Items! It’s a series of articles where we’ll condense and summarize each of our interviews into actionable bullet points—only for paid subscribers. 

First up this week: Amanda Goetz. She’s the head of brand marketing at the Knot, a mom of three, and startup founder—she’s got a ton of actionable takeaways for us to cover.

Today’s Action Item is 774 words or 3.5 minutes of actionable learnings.

Let’s dive in! 

☀️  Set intentions and goals

  • Amanda gets up at 6am every day and sends herself an email outlining an intention, and her goals for the day
  • Setting goals and intentions helps her set expectations, and zero in on what’s important
  • This routine works because it makes our expectations explicit, so that they can be intentionally lowered when necessary.
  • Our default is to imagine every day should be a 12-hour productivity marathon. The reality is releasing yourself from your expectations every so often can be just as important to your productivity as any other hack

🏃‍♀️  Play offense with a 90-minute work sprint

Amanda gets the most done in the morning so she schedules a 90-minute focused work sprint during that time to power through her most important tasks. 


In order to create space for focus, you need to signal that you shouldn’t be disturbed.

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