Tiago’s 2019 Mid-Year Review

The following are the results of my Mid-Year Review, which I do every year around the beginning of July. It is a simple process of reflection and journaling I did over two evenings about a week apart, in about 2 hours for each half. I hope you find it valuable for any review process you do for yourself. For each section, I free-journaled whatever came to mind in response to the prompt, and then recorded a concise summary of my conclusions in a Google Doc, which is copied here:

What is my intention for this mid-year review?

  • To reorient and check in with myself, to step back from the headlong rush and reflect on my true priorities, to listen to my heart and intuition, to feel into the future that is calling me, to love and forgive myself for what I have done and not done

How do I want to feel at the end?

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