The Inner Game of Work: Focus, Desire, and Working Free

I’ve become obsessed with coaching.

It started in February, when I started the 4-month Self-Expression & Leadership Program at Landmark. I was assigned an accountability group and a coach, who guided me through the process of planning and executing a community service project. That process included learning how to communicate a vision, how to recruit others into it, how to share authentically and vulnerably, and many other skills not taught in any school.

I got so much out of the program that I decided to volunteer as a coach in the next group. I’ve been working with my small group of 5 participants for 2 months, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I started looking for opportunities to be coached in every area possible. I joined a Crossfit gym, committing to the smallest class available so I could get as much individual attention from the coach as possible. I hired a voice and speech coach, to help me with some bad habits I’d picked up over the years. And I joined a 3-month holistic health coaching program, combining Chinese medicine, reiki, therapy, feng-shui, and acupuncture (I know, I know, so California).

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