Just-in-Time PM #21: Workflow Strategies

Now it’s time to look at the JIT Project Manager’s toolkit. How do we put these ideas into practice in our day to day work?

Through Workflow Strategies, a set of practical techniques for executing modern projects. Here is the full list, according to whether they work better for small or large-scale projects, and what kind of situation they are best suited for. 

CaptureOrganizeShareScalePlanningOffloadingTrackingMetadataLinkingSearchingAdaptingRemixingSmallArchipelago of IdeasColor CommentaryMeta-PlanNaming ConventionsInterlinking NotesAdvanced SearchDial Down the ScopeSentence HackingLargeHeadings FirstStatus SummaryTemporary TagsTag HierarchyTable of ContentsBrainsweepContext SwitchFunction Follows Form

We are now in the crucial execution stage, where all our previous efforts at capturing, summarizing, and organizing packets of knowledge will pay off. It is in this final stage that we see whether the intermediate packets we’ve created end up being valuable.

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