A Productivity Expert’s Guide to Working with a Virtual Assistant

Over the past five months I’ve worked closely with a virtual assistant (VA). This article summarizes what I’ve learned about the best ways to handle the working relationship, in the form of a guide for anyone who wants to do the same.

Hiring a VA can be an absolute game-changer for your productivity, effectiveness, and peace of mind. As important as it is to optimize your own time and effort, there is huge potential upside in bringing on a real human, with all their own abilities and knowledge.

But I say “can be” because it depends a lot on how you set goals, expectations, and policies. In this guide I’ll give you my recommendations for how to do so, along with numerous examples and templates you can use for yourself.

If you have any questions not answered here, register for the Forte Labs Slack at https://community.fortelabs.co/ and join the #virtualassistants channel.

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