LinkedIn Is Launching A Creator Program

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And now, onto the news…

Top Stories in the Passion Economy, 02/17/21

LinkedIn Is Planning To Launch a Creator Program 

What Happened? 

  • LinkedIn is building a creator management team. The platform’s editor-in-chief Daniel Roth will be hiring a ‘Head of Community.’  
  • Specific program details have not been revealed, but the job posting hints: “We’re starting a community management team to support and grow our content creators, with the mission to source, nurture, uplevel and retain these important voices.” 

What this means: 


  • Is this new? LinkedIn has had prominent creators (a.k.a. “INfluencers”) for a long time, and somebody had to have been in charge of managing them? 


  • I think now it goes a step further to help these people actually make a living and earn money creating on LinkedIn.
  • It’s kinda meta if you think about it...

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