Interview with Weihaur Lau of Created Living, on Health and Wellbeing for Conscious Leaders

I recently interviewed Weihaur Lau of Created Living, a health and wellness-based coaching program for leaders. 

Weihaur’s coaching business focuses on helping leaders bring balance and health to their lives. More specifically, he works with a team of coaches and practitioners to help you understand the coping mechanisms you’ve developed to make it through life, and unravel the behavioral and emotional loops that keep them in place. As these loops lose their power, a more authentic and powerful self emerges.

I completed their 3-month coaching program late last year, and had a profound experience learning how my health, my habits, my thoughts, and my performance are so intertwined. I share more about what I learned through the experience in the recorded conversation below.

What I really like about the Created Living approach is how it integrates a broad range of Eastern and alternative practices. Their team includes experts in yoga, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, reiki, nutritional cleansing, mindfulness and meditation, sexuality, and managing chronic conditions. All these domains can easily be explored on their own, but it is very rare to find someone who will connect the dots and show you how they all work together.

Until recently, this program could only be completed in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. After much poking and prodding from me, Weihaur has finally created an online version at a much more affordable price. He’s agreed to offer it to my audience as one of the first groups to have access. It is a live course based on cohorts, and if you join his email listyou’ll be the first to know when the next one is scheduled.

I’m genuinely very excited to share this work with you. I believe it to be one of the most important and difficult-to-find services in the world. Join us and hear how personal growth, healing, health, and leadership are all connected, and what intentional practices and Eastern medicine can teach us about how to access them.

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