The Magic of Bundles and How to Stay Productive as a Parent

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🔮 Bundle Magic

Long story short: we welcomed almost 200 new paying subscribers to the Everything bundle this week, growing our subscriber base by 28%. 

Nathan uses our experience as an example to break down the math behind bundles and to explain what makes them great for both buyers and sellers. (Divinations)

⚡️ Productivity for Parents

Dan sat down to chat with Square’s Restaurant Product Lead, Kevin Yien, to uncover the systems and processes that he uses to manage both an ambitious career and a busy family life. 

Kevin uses the Rock, Pebble, and Sand method of time management to make sure he has non-negotiable time with family in his schedule every day. And he’s also found a way to turn the sleepless nights that come with parenting into an advantage. (Superorganizers)


⚡️ You have to get good before you get better

Dan explains how to lay the groundwork at any new activity before you can become an expert. 

In short: when you’re setting goals you should focus on your process at the start of anything new. Then, once you’ve built skill, you can start to set outcome goals to become an expert. (Superorganizers)

🔮 Lessons from Facebook Portal

It’s weird, Facebook Portal flopped when it first came out. But now it’s suddenly popular? Nathan explains how important the Market part of Product/Market Fit is. (Divinations)

🔮 Advertising Arbitrage

Adam Keesling reveals that now is a great time to be doing paid acquisition, if you can afford it, because no one else is paying for advertising right now. 

Savvy marketers can take advantage of low CPMs to drive new signups to their email list, and cash in once the pandemic is over. (Divinations)


Nathan uses the story of a life-saving dog to explain the power (and danger) of incentives. (Divinations)


🔮 Bundle Magic

Listen to the audio version of Nathan’s Bundle Magic post.

Tools, templates, and more

⚡️ TEMPLATE: Kevin Yien’s Rock and Pebble Template

Kevin Yien shared his calendar template to help you find the immovable rocks in your schedule. (Superorganizers)

⚡️ TEMPLATE: Kevin Yien’s OKR Template

Kevin Yien also shared the OKR template he uses to manage his product team at Square. (Superorganizers)

🔮 SPREADSHEET: Bundle Magic Math

Nathan made a spreadsheet to back up his Bundle Magic post with a dynamic model to help you figure out when a bundle is a good idea, and when it’s not. (Divinations)

Best of the bundle

⚡️ Inside the Mind of a Productivity Master

Dan does a 3,000 word deep dive with Tiago Forte uncovering everything from how he takes notes, to how he remembers what he reads. (Superorganizers)

🔮 Trade-offs Are Your Friend

Nathan uses Michael Porter to explain trade-offs in business strategy — and gives a warning to those who attempt to always get the best of both worlds. (Divinations)

Around our network

✅ When Bundling Leads to a Greater Audience

Our friend Jacob Donnelly breaks down this bundle and explains how it might lead to a new generation of media companies. (A Media Operator)


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