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Hello and happy Sunday! 

We’re continuing our Sunday Digest experiment with another round of rankings of everything we published this week. We also have some reading suggestions from the team at the end!

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What we published this week

We published 5 new articles this week totaling ~9,000 words, an update to a file organization system, and two podcast episodes.

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This Week’s Top Posts

(Ranked by the % of people who said the post was “amazing” in our feedback forms.)

  1. ⚡️New for Members: Sparkle v. 0.6by Dan Shipper in Superorganizers (903 words)
  2. 📐Uber and Lyft Live Once Again by Adam Keesling in Napkin Math (1,958 words)
  3. 💞#23 - Designing our visual identity 🎧, by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (41 min)

  4. 💝 The Art of Unbundling, with Greg Isenberg, by Li Jin & Nathan Baschez in Means of Creation (1,126 words)

  5. 💞#24 - Are we a media or tech company? 🎧, by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (15 min)

  6. 🔮 Instagram can’t recreate TikTok’s magic, by Neer Sharma & Nathan Baschez in Divinations (2,313 words)

  7. ⚡️How the Head of Growth at Superhuman Does His Email, by Dan Shipper and Ephrat Livni in Superorganizers (3,103 words)

⚡️ Reading suggestions from Superorganizers

What Is an Emotion? William James’s Revolutionary 1884 Theory of How Our Bodies Affect Our Feelings, by Maria Popova in Brain Pickings (1,471 words)

Palantir: On Business, Cults, and Politics, by Barry Schwartz in The Diff (3,580 words)

You want people to do the right thing? Save them the guilt trip, by Claudia R Schenider in Psyche (1,227 words)

“As the son of a Jewish mother I’m always interested in the positive and negative effects of guilt in my life — so this article was an interesting eye opener for me. If you want to motivate someone, it’s much better to use positive reinforcement than it is to use guilt.”

Video of the week: You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Violin Cover in The Awesomer

Tech News Story of the Week: TikTok and... Walmart?

Sponsored by — and excerpted from — the Techmeme Ride Home podcast

First, we thought it was crazy when Microsoft wanted to buy TikTok. Then, we thought it was crazy when Oracle wanted to buy TikTok. Now, we’re hearing that Wal-Mart is very serious about it as well, leading us to question the current nature of our reality.

The reporting here is a bit confused: Wal-Mart’s current goal is to team up with Microsoft in their bid for TikTok, but before that, we’re hearing that Wal-Mart wanted to put together a consortium that would allow it to own the app and be the exclusive e-commerce and payments provider inside TikTok.

But Wal-Mart’s dream was shot down by the U.S. government, who wanted the lead buyer of TikTok to be a technology company, because that would “better fit with its national-security rationale for forcing [a sale].”

For more on this story, and the rest of this week’s most important tech news, listen to the Techmeme Ride Home podcast!

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This issue was written by Saanya Jain and edited by Nathan Baschez. Thanks, and see you next Sunday :)

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