Sunday Digest: Two Launches This Week!

Everything we published this week + Noted

Hello and happy Sunday!

We had a big week! Last Sunday we launched The Long Conversation with Rachel Jepsen, and on Wednesday we launched Almanack with Nat Eliason — bringing two new amazing writers into the bundle.

We’re thrilled to welcome almost 500 new paying subscribers this week. If that’s you, we’re so honored to have you here — and we can’t wait to show you what we have to offer.

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Everything Index - Week of 10/5

  • Articles we published — 3
  • Podcasts we released — 2
  • Live Conversations we hosted — 2
  • Amazing Average — 57%
    (Average number of readers who thought our articles were “Amazing” this week)
  • Tesla Stock Price — –0.5%
    (Change since last week)
  • Chamath’s Number — 4
    (Number of articles on Google News for “Chamath SPAC” from this week)
  • People Who Are Wrong — 0 (!)
    (Number of times Rabois tweeted the word “wrong” this week)
  • Days Until the Election — 17

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This Week’s Top Posts

Ranked by the % of people who rated the post “amazing” in our feedback forms.

  1. 📚The Mental Model Behind Every High-Performer I Know by Nat Eliason in Almanack (2,391 words) 
  2. The Complete Guide to Landing a Book Deal by Tiago Forte in Praxis (9 parts)
  3. 🗣Episode One: The Rosary 🎥 on The Long Conversation (64 minutes)
  4. 💝Passion Economy News #4: Triller Poaching TikTok Stars, David Dobrik Gets Funding for Dispo, Journalistic Entrepreneurialism, and More in Means of Creation (2,274 words)
  5. 🅔Nat Eliason Joins Everything (1,856 words)
  6. 💞#36 - What Can Businesses Learn from Phytoplankton? 🎧 by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (13 min)
  7. 💝 Striking Out as an Independent Tech Journalist, with Casey Newton 🎥 on Means of Creation (51 min)
  8. 💞#35 - Tricking Nat Eliason into Joining the Bundle 🎧 by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (20 min)


This week on The Long Conversation, Rachel will host a discussion on Carmen Maria Machado’s 2019 memoir In The Dream House (TW: Intimate Partner Violence.) She’ll use it to help us unpack the connection between the way the book is composed, and the topic Machado is exploring.

Want to participate? Make sure you update your subscription settings, to be notified about the show, and RSVP for the event below:


Tidbits from our little corners of the world.




Hot take, but also maybe:

…More details on the acquisition:

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This post was written by Babe Howard and edited by Dan Shipper.

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