Introducing 📐Napkin Math!

And everything else we published this week

Hello and happy Sunday! 

An exciting announcement this week: Adam Keesling’s newsletter, Napkin Math, has officially launched as part of the Everything bundle! 

What is Napkin Math? Powered by Adam’s background and expertise in investment banking, his newsletter features breakdowns of investment theses, case studies on the successes and failures of businesses, and lessons learned from studying the actions of startup founders and investors. We’re thrilled to have Adam join the bundle, and hope you are, too.

What we published this week

We published two new articles this week totaling ~4,400 words. We learned how to create a bullet-point time machine with the app Workflowy, and put a magnifying glass over Hertz’ bankruptcy and its sky-high stock price.

What this means for Everything

With the addition of Napkin Math, and with Tiago Forte joining us last week, we’re growing quickly — and we’re not stopping here. We want to be the #1 bundle for strategy and productivity content on the internet. We have a pipeline full of amazing newsletters in the works, so watch this space for more additions over the coming weeks and months. 

How to manage your subscription

You can subscribe and unsubscribe from individual newsletters inside of the bundle without affecting your overall subscription to what we write. If you want to turn on or off email notifications for a specific newsletter, you can manage your settings here



⚡️ How to never lose another memory again

Do you remember exactly what you did 568 days ago? MC, the co-creator of Flow State, does. After losing five years’ worth of daily reflections in a Word doc, he started chronicling his life in the bullet-point-focused app Workflowy instead. The sheer simplicity of Workflowy makes it an ideal program to keep track of years of information. Keep reading for the how, when, and why of MC’s process in recording his life.

📐 Explaining the Hertz Situation

In the wake of COVID-19 travel restrictions, it’s not terribly surprising that Hertz went bankrupt. But when their stock price then proceeded to soar, no one could have seen that coming — or could they? Adam Keesling gives a masterclass in explaining bankruptcy and other finance basics in this essay, along with much-needed context on why Hertz’ situation is so strange.

Fun fact: We couldn’t figure out what to call the emoji for Adam’s newsletter except “triangle ruler.” Turns out its name is “set square,” and it’s used for engineering and technical drawing. Bonus: In Germany, it’s known as a Geodreieck! 💫 Now you know!


🖤 Heart work

This recent edition of Sarah Nöckel’s newsletter, Femstreet, spotlights some amazing insights and resources from black leaders, founders, and investors — including an essay by Deborah Okenla on what meaningful action from CEOs regarding their Black Lives Matter Action Plan should look like. We highly recommend giving this a read.

Read more


⚡️ Forget Forgetting. Build a Zettelkasten.

How much of what you read and write do you actually retain? Welcome to the next level of note-taking: the Zettelkasten method. Zettelkasten takes all your best ideas and links them together, building a network of creativity and inspiration that’s both accessible and permanent. Read on for Adam’s explanation of how it all works.

➿ The Weekly Review is an Operating System

The key to developing a weekly review that actually sticks is to make it as tactical as possible. Instead of “contemplate how things went,” Tiago schedules a series of easy to accomplish, specific tasks such as clearing his email inbox, reviewing his calendar, prioritizing his todo list, etc. The result is a regular practice that enables him to achieve clarity and focus in the rest of his work.

That’s it for this week! Thanks, and see you next Sunday :)

This issue was written by Tori Smith and edited by Paul Smalera.

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