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Hello and happy Sunday! 

This was a big week for us: in case you missed it, we welcomed Tiago Forte to the bundle. 

Tiago’s a master of productivity, and our archives are now stacked with over 60 of his previously paywalled articles. We’ll also be publishing all of his new articles as they come out. We’ve linked a few below, but to learn more about it you can read the announcement here.

What we published this week

In addition to adding Tiago to the bundle, we published four new articles this week totaling ~7,700 words. We got a glimpse into what it’s like fighting a pandemic from the emergency room, examined the potential of a startup called Crash, and took a deep dive into Apple’s goals for health.

What this means for Everything

We’re not stopping at just Tiago! We want to be the #1 bundle for strategy and productivity content on the internet. We have a pipeline full of amazing newsletters — so watch this space for more additions over the coming weeks and months. 

Our dream is to build a creative community supporting thinkers from all backgrounds to publish their life’s work, supported directly by readers, in order to make a dent in the way the world thinks. And, most importantly, to democratize access to success in business.

This is step one.

How to manage your subscription

You can subscribe and unsubscribe from individual newsletters inside of the bundle without affecting your overall subscription to what we write. If you want to turn on or off email notifications for a specific newsletter you can manage your settings here



🔮 healthOS

You probably don’t pay too much attention to the humble Health app on your iPhone, but maybe you should: If all goes according to plan, Apple could become the biggest aggregator of health data by integrating data on connected devices with health records. Rob Litterst and Nathan Baschez delve into the steps needed to make this a reality, and what this could mean for the future of healthcare.

RELATED: Why I wouldn’t invest in consumer health hardware

In this follow-up to his healthOS piece, Nathan explains why consumer health hardware probably isn’t a good bet for investors. 

⚡️ I’m Married to an Emergency Room Doctor in New York City

Much of the coverage around COVID-19 tends to skew impersonal, all statistics and numbers. This essay is an intimate, heartbreaking look into what it’s like fighting the pandemic from the inside, brought to you from the alternating perspectives of Helena Dea Bala on the homefront and her husband, Alex, in the emergency room.

🤓 Crash: Pitch a Company, Get a Job

Job searchers know the routine: painstakingly tailor your resume and cover letter to a job listing you may or may not hear back from, hit send, then wait. But what better to prove your value to a company than by actually showing it? Crash wants to help candidates get ahead by “pitching” companies and letting their skills do the talking. How sustainable is a service whose success results in a one-time use, though? Adam Keesling shares his thoughts.


🎯 Newsletters Are a Must for Pubs if Done Right

If you’re reading this, you’re likely already hip to the value of newsletters—great! What also needs to happen, according to Jacob Donnelly, is for publications to start thinking of newsletters as an indispensable factor of their business. Keep reading for his thoughts on why the wrong newsletter strategy is not having a newsletter.


👑 PARA: Explained

In this Praxis series Tiago explains his popular organization system, PARA, and dives into details on how to use it and different ways to apply it.

⚡️ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Your Filesystem!)

In keeping with the PARA theme we’re linking back to an explainer Dan wrote a few months ago on PARA. He breaks it down in simple terms and shows you how to use its principles to keep an organized filesystem.

RELATED: Everything members get access to Sparkle, a piece of software Dan built to help you keep your filesystem clean according to PARA. Read more and download it here.

⚡️ Inside the Mind of a Productivity Master

In this 3,000 word interview Dan Shipper profiles Tiago Forte and uncover the tools, tips, and methods that Tiago uses to teach his students how to get more organized, and most important, produce better work. Learn about how Tiago uses PARA, how he takes book notes, and even how he sets goals.


📈 How To Build A Wildly Popular Newsletter In 6 Months

Join Nathan and Dan for a live members-only Zoom on June 20th where we’ll discuss the Everything bundle and how we got here over the last six months. It’ll be a really fun conversation — don’t miss it!

That’s it for this week! 

Thanks, and see you next Sunday :)

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