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Hello and happy Labor Day Weekend!

We hope you’re sitting on a beach somewhere mindlessly scrolling through Twitter as much as we are.

We’re continuing our Sunday Digest experiment with a new section: Noted, tidbits from our little corners of the world. We’re gathering all of the latest news, photos, products, and tweets that are relevant to the topics we cover in one place. Check it out below.


What we published this week

We published 5 new articles totaling ~8,000 words, a podcast episode, and hosted a bundle crossover event.

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This Week’s Top Posts

(Ranked by the % of people who said the post was “amazing” in our feedback forms.)

  1. 💞#25 - Behind the scenes of our first ad deal 🎧 by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (36 min)
  2. 📐The Quest for Monopoly by Marc Rubinstein in Napkin Math (2,455 words)
  3. ⚡️The Science of Productivity Cycles 🔒 by Dan Shipper in Superorganizers (1,333 words)
  4. 📐The Investment Opportunity in School Bus Operators by Adam Keesling in Napkin Math (1,427 words)
  5. 🔮 Disrupting Disruption: Helmer's Razor 🔒 by Nathan Baschez in Divinations (1,328 words)
  6. ⚡️How I Took Notes on 250+ Books in Roam by Nat Eliason in Superorganizers (1,415 words)
  7. 🔮 Strategy Smells by Nathan Baschez in Divinations (787 words)
  8. ⚡️Open Thread: How do you manage your inbox? 🔒

⚡️Bundle crossover: Dan interviewed Tiago Forte about the 4 Levels of Personal Knowledge Management


Tidbits from our little corners of the world.

We’re trying something new: gathering news, photos, products, and tweets that our writers loved this week and bringing them to you in one place.


The Air by Microclimate — or as we like to call it: peak 2020. Imagine going to a party in one of these bad boys.





Episode 4: Craig Fuller on Building The Bloomberg for Trucking


Maybe the stock market isn’t completely crazy:


From the department of Sign Us Up:


A good burn:


Laser engrave this on our brains please:


Must-watch analysis:



Lucid transformed one of our most popular Superorganizers articles, Surgical Reading, into a visual tap story:


Some of the best feedback we received in our forms this week:

Keep ‘em coming!

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Tech News Story of the Week: the DOJ plans to file antitrust charges against Google

Sponsored by — and excerpted from — the Techmeme Ride Home podcast

Everyone’s been talking about the possibility of antitrust action against big tech for years now. Well, now it’s finally happening. This week the New York Times reported that the DOJ is planning on filing antitrust charges against Google imminently, focusing on two separate lines of inquiry: “Google’s dominance in search, and its control over many aspects of the ecosystem for online advertising.”

There’s just one strange part — most of the team of 40ish lawyers working on the case inside the government are opposed to the timing. They say that Attorney General Bill Barr is forcing an arbitrary deadline before the case is ready, with some speculation of political motives.

This rushed timeline could be a godsend for Google. If the case really isn’t ready yet, as many of the lawyers working on the case claim, then perhaps Google has a better chance of winning. And if they win once, it’s extremely unlikely they’d face trial again over the same issues.


For more on this story, and the rest of this week’s most important tech news, listen to the Techmeme Ride Home podcast!

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When the New Yorker magazine asked Mark Zuckerberg how he gets his news he said the one news source he definitely follows is Techmeme. (Also, the New Yorker did not ask, but just so you know, Nathan Baschez also loves it.)

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This issue was written by Saanya Jain and edited by Dan Shipper. Thanks, and see you next Sunday :)

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