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Hello and happy Sunday!

We had a packed week this week: we published 6 original essays and 1 podcast episode. So sit back, relax, and get ready for the best of Every!

How to Improve Your Creative Thinking

Alice Albrecht / Superorganizers

Creativity is our greatest human asset. But what actually is it? And how can we learn to do more of it?

In this piece, AI founder and cognitive neuroscience PhD, Alice Albrecht, examines the science of creativity and lays out some practical strategies for augmenting it.


Rallying in a Recession

Lewis Kallow

In January 2008, Howard Schultz returned to the helm of Starbucks as CEO. The Great Recession was in full swing, and Starbucks was on the brink of insolvency.

But over the next two years, Schultz learned to lead through the recession and righted the ship. By 2010 Starbucks was posting record-breaking profits.

How did he do it? And what lessons can leaders learn about innovating during tough times? Lewis examines in part two of his series on Starbucks.


Artificial Unintelligence

Dan Shipper / Superorganizers

If you want to build a sustaining advantage in AI the conventional wisdom says you have to build the technology required for a powerful model. But a powerful model is not just a function of technology.

It’s also a function of your willingness to get sued. In this essay Dan examines what this dynamic means for foundational models and the third party developers creating technology on top of them.


The Primary Trends I’m Investing In Next Year

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

Evan looks into his crystal ball to predict trends for 2023. What does he see? Investable ideas in hardware, vertical SaaS, AI, and first-party ad platforms.

If you care about where the world is headed next year this one is worthy of your time.


On Twitch, You Can Never Log Off

Fadeke Adegbuyi / Cybernaut

Here's a trade:

You become rich and famous, but you'll have to spend almost all of your waking hours in front of a camera.

Would you do it? That's the dilemma that today's Twitch creators are facing, and many of them are burning out and migrating to other platforms. Fadeke examines in her latest.


My Philosophy of Product Building (Part III)

Nathan Baschez / Divinations

How do you get from idea to a great MVP of your product?

Nathan finishes his series on product building this week, and covers three important new topics: 

  • Getting and interpreting feedback
  • Positioning
  • Launching

If you want to build your own products this is the series for you.


🎧 On Career Management | Episode 15 

Kristen Harbacht, Nikita Miller, and Stella Garber / Cross-Functional and Friendly

Managing our careers has always been a valuable skill. What we do happens to be far more important than how hard we work. This is doubly true in an environment where technology and the job landscape are in constant flux.

Charting your professional path has powerful downstream effects. For instance: is it better to be a big fish in a small pond? Placing yourself in a startup, taking on more risk and responsibility? Or is it smarter to be a small fish in a big pond? leveraging the structured growth and stability that a larger organisation can provide?

In this episode, Stella, Nikita, and Kristen address these questions through their own personal journeys. They leave us with valuable frameworks that they’ve used to manage their own careers and professional growth over the years. Tune in!


🤖 AI Tools You Might Like

New day, new cool AI tool to try. We're fascinated by how quickly AI is moving, and we want to make sure you're updated on it. 

So we invited Ben Tossell of the daily AI newsletter Ben's Bites to share AI tools you may not have heard of:

  • Zapier’s OpenAI Integration has been officially released! It lets you create images and prompts directly through a Zap. You can build full no-code AI apps! That is a huge deal. (get the app here)
  • CapsuleScript—a text-to-video generator, a video scripting language. (link)
  • Text-to-product. You can enter a term like ‘marketplace’ and the Catalog will build the entire backend for you. It knows you need sellers and users, products and all of the related fields like profile picture, email, images, links, you name it. This is a seriously interesting product that I’m not sure many people thought was this close to being a reality. (link)
  • Give me a gift—AI-powered gift ideas. (link)
  • A Chrome extension for downloading your ChatGPT history to PNG, PDF or a sharable link. (link)
  • A list of awesome ChatGPT tools and demos. (link)

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That's all for this week!

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