Transcript: Prozac and ChatGPT: How Technology Is Changing the Way We See Ourselves

‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ with Peter D. Kramer

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  1. Introduction: 00:50
  2. How technology changes the way we see ourselves and the world: 08:24
  3. Antidepressants and their impact on our personality and sense of self: 21:25
  4. How the availability of a technological solution prompts us to see the problem everywhere: 26:35
  5. Technology alters the categories we have divided the world into: 34:06
  6. How I use ChatGPT in my writing process: 40:05
  7. Experimenting with ChatGPT to get relationship advice: 45:41
  8. Prompting ChatGPT to be more specific: 51:16
  9. Clearly indicate the tone you want ChatGPT to take: 55:11
  10. Dr. Peter D. Kramer’s final thoughts on ChatGPT as a therapist: 1:02:27


Peter Kramer (00:00:00)

So, first, antidepressants work. They’re not glorified placebos. Yes, I think we are in a sort of low ebb for the cultural view of antidepressants.

Dan Shipper (00:00:12)

There are probably some people who are like, has Dan gone crazy? What does this have to do a ChatGPT? It’s about how technology changed how we see ourselves and the world.

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