Write with Us

There are many benefits to writing alone on the internet, but the bottom line is this: it’s really hard. At Every we’re building a writer collective that can give you some of the benefits of writing a solo newsletter—like greater creative autonomy, and upside in your work—but also gives you the benefits of working with a media company—like editors, and a community of peers to help make you better.

We work with writers in three ways: as a Lead, as a Contributing Writer, and as a part of our editorial staff.


Have an idea for a newsletter on the business world? Or are you already writing one? When you work with Every as a Lead we help you create and distribute your newsletter—and give you a share in the upside:

If you’re an experienced business practitioner and want to have a newsletter without doing the writing, we can also pair you with a writer so that you can co-create a newsletter together.

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Contributing Writers

Have an idea for the next great business essay? Or want to contribute to one of the existing newsletters in the bundle? We work on freelance and salaried basis with great contributing writers.

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Editors and Producers

Want to make business essays sparkle? Want to cut live shows into incredible podcasts? We work with editors and producers on a freelance and salaried basis.

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