Using Tokens to Power Collective Insight and Investment

Joyce Yang and Arthur Zubkoff of Global Coin Research on practical incentive design

In the web3 world, you hear a lot about aligning incentives. But what does that mean, actually? And what does it look like when it’s done well? For an example, look no further than Global Coin Research

GCR is a tokenized community of web3 researchers and investors that puts money behind their collective learning and analysis. $31M so far, to be specific. Their method is a masterclass in tokenized incentive design. First, they use their token, $GCR, to incentivize community members to conduct research analyzing the web3 landscape. That research turns into high-quality content, which turns into deal flow. The community invests collectively, with carry going back to the community’s treasury, where it’s used to incentivize further research, content, and investment. Virtuous cycle, activated.

Joyce Yang and Arthur Zubkoff of GCR join us on this episode of TBH to discuss the nuances of this model, including how they use tokens to decentralize deal sourcing, diligence, and the actual investment itself. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 

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