Should I do a token?

Coinvise Founder Jennil Thakker on what makes tokenized communities click and what makes them flop

Building and operating communities is hard. Building and operating tokenized communities is even harder. How do you know when to launch your token? How hard is it? What drives its value? Should it be a financial asset or should it have utility? Maybe both? 

For our first ever episode, we are joined by a guest who helps us answer all these questions. We spoke to Coinvise Founder Jennil Thakker, who has been thinking very deeply about how to build and operate valuable tokenized communities.

Jenil has a front-row seat to the exciting potential of collective value creation for creators and communities. He also walks the talk. He has created a personal token designed to reward people that add value to his life. For example: if you give Coinvise a shoutout on Twitter, you can earn 500 $JENIL—which can then be redeemed for a book of your choice. 

Jennil was the perfect guest to help us understand what makes tokenized communities click, and what makes them flop. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 

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